16 Chinese JF-17 Thunder jets inducted in Pak air force

Pakistan-PlanPakistan inducted 16 new JF-17 Thunder jets to its air force with the Defence Minister asserting that the country was ready to safeguard borders against any aggression.

The JF-17 Thunder jets were handed over to the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra, in Attock area of Punjab province. The JF-17 Thunder is the backbone of PAF and already more than 70 fighters of the category are part of it.

Pak’s Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman said JF-17 fighter jets have the capability comparable to any advanced fourth generation aircraft across the world.

India’s Tejas, a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) that has been inducted into the IAF (Indian Air Force) often finds itself being compared to Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder. Experts believe that both are incomparable because there is a generation gap between Tejas and JF-17 and Tejas is more advance aircraft than the JF-17 Thunder.


JF-17 is just an upgraded version of MiG-21, developed by China for Pakistan. Tejas is far far superior in terms of avionics and maneuverability. Tejas makes use of composite materials, while JF-17 is all metal. Tejas also boasts of a glass cockpit where data is available to the pilot in real-time digital format.


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